Public Policy Research and Analysis

Clearview Consulting excels at synthesizing research for general audiences. We translate complex academic and policy research so that everyday people understand public issues and are inspired to act on them. We also help experts understand the public’s perspectives, including their values, concerns and aspirations.

Whether in focus groups or interviews, we know how to build the needed rapport and ask the right questions to draw out knowledge and perspectives. We have a special ability to find patterns that show paths to common-ground solutions in organizations and communities.


  • Synthesizing and translating complex academic and policy research for general audiences
  • Analyzing  how the public thinks about policy options, with a strong focus on their underlying values, concerns and aspirations
  • Developing comprehensive research strategies
  • Creating research instruments including surveys, focus groups and interviews
  • Preparing, writing and editing user-friendly reports

Expected Results:

  • New, shared insights into common-ground solutions to complex challenges
  • Messages and materials that increase the visibility, accessibility and effectiveness of your work
  • People from all walks of life who understand your issues and are motivated to work on them
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