Clearview president Pat Scully Leads Webinar for Community Development Society

Clearview president Pat Scully will lead one of a series of six webinars for the Community Development Society’s professional development program “Integrating Community Development Tools in Your Profession-(Re)Tooling with New and Innovative.” Scully and his co-presenter, Professor Paul Lachapelle of Montana State University, will discuss the role that study circles – sometimes referred to as “dialogue-to-change” circles – can play in community development. They will use the Northwest Area Foundation’s “Horizons” program as a case study. The Horizons program’s goal was to reduce poverty in small rural and reservation communities facing economic decline and demographic change.

The Community Development Society provides leadership to professionals and citizens across the spectrum of community development. CDS members represent a variety of fields: education, health care, social services, government, utilities, economic development practitioners, citizen groups, and more.

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