Patrick L. Scully

Patrick L. Scully, founder and president of Clearview Consulting,

has 25 years experience as an executive and manager with three of the United States’ leading organizations that specialize in public participation, civic engagement, and community problem solving. Prior to starting this company, Pat was executive vice president of The Paul J. Aicher Foundation, where he also served as deputy director of its flagship program, Everyday Democracy.

Pat worked at the Kettering Foundation during the early years of current president David Mathews’ tenure. As research director from 1985 to 1990, he initiated and managed a comprehensive research program to support the Kettering Foundation’s activities. As a program officer in the early 1990s, Pat directed a variety of domestic and international programs. Pat also worked at The Harwood Institute during its start-up years in the mid-1990s (as the for-profit consulting firm The Harwood Group). He worked with a diverse group of clients whose interests ranged from grant making strategies for philanthropic institutions to political reform and health care policy.

Pat holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in social science (with an emphasis in American studies, U.S. political history, and political science) from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Some of Pat’s most formative political experiences were during his year as a Fulbright Scholar in Budapest, Hungary in 1993-94 where he worked with newly formed civic associations throughout East Central Europe.

Pat is a Senior Associate with Everyday Democracy and a founding board member of the The Democracy Imperative, whose mission is to strengthen public life and democracy in and through higher education.  He also serves on the board of trustees of the Montessori School of Greater Hartford.

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