Issue Guide Exchange

A tool to share, create, and discuss dialogue materials

The Issue Guide Exchange (IGX) is a free, online resource that allows people to share, create, and discuss dialogue materials. IGX is the brainchild of Patrick L. Scully, who first developed its conceptual framework while he was the deputy director of Everyday Democracy. Pat led the Everyday Democracy team that developed the website, working closely with deputy communication director Carrie Boron, Herb Caudill of Caudill Web, and consultant Brad Rourke.

The Issue Guide Exchange has three parts:

1.      An exchange – a place for people to upload issue guides of their own, search for and review others’ guides, and download and adapt them

2.      A how-to – a step-by-step tool that helps people  create their own issue guides

3.      A forum – a place for people to discuss specific guides or dialogue in general

A beta version of the Issue Guide Exchange was released in August 2008. Beginning in October 2010, Clearview Consulting will conduct a project evaluation of IGX and advise Everyday Democracy on how to improve the website as a resource for public dialogue, civic engagement, and community change.

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