Sustaining Public Engagement

Embedded Deliberation in Local CommunitiesSustaining Public Engagment Embedded Deliberation in Local Communities

Clearview Consulting president Patrick L. Scully was executive editor for Sustaining Public Engagement, a research paper by Harvard University researchers Archon Fung and Elena Fagotto.

Pat also served as project manager for the joint research project of the Kettering Foundation and Everyday Democracy that provided source material for Fung and Fagotto’s analysis. The Sustaining Public Engagement project included research design, preparing nine case studies based on primary field research, and a series of review meetings with staff and associates of Kettering and Everyday Democracy.

This groundbreaking report features concrete examples of sustained community-led dialogue and problem-solving efforts, and should be of interest to researchers and community organizers. The report notes that the most successful civic engagement efforts not only address particular public issues such as school redistricting, domestic violence, or racism, but also improve the quality of local democratic governance. “Those who build institutions and practices of public engagement often work at two levels,” according to the authors. “Not only do they address urgently felt needs in their communities, but, although they may not have intended it, they also improve the machinery of democratic self-government.”

“Pat’s wide-ranging, practical experience with civic engagement, passion for public life, and strong research skills make him a perfect fit to lead project teams addressing fundamental problems of democracy.”

John Dedrick, Vice President and Director of Programs, Kettering Foundation

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