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Solving complex problems often begins with a simple step: Engagement.

Getting both sides to see both sides—earnestly, honestly, empathetically. This requires highly nuanced, deeply experienced, bridge-building and boundary-busting work. It also requires leadership, planning, writing, thinking, research and creativity at the highest professional level.

Clearview Consulting helps organizations and leaders work more collaboratively and effectively with people from all walks of life.  We’re experts at fostering productive relationships by building trust and awareness, infused with consensus-building clarity and energy.

As an executive and manager with leading organizations specializing in public participation, civic engagement and community problem solving, Patrick L. Scully, president of Clearview Consulting, has—throughout his 25-year career—helped design public engagement programs for governments, nonprofits, foundations, advocacy groups and businesses in hundreds of communities.

With this experience and skill base, Clearview Consulting cuts through organizational clutter to help you achieve your goals, such as:

  • Gaining new insights into common-ground solutions to complex challenges
  • Finding productive ways to involve key stakeholders in decisions and initiatives where success depends on their support
  • Building trust and stronger working relationships with the general public, clients, employees, colleagues and customers
  • Producing high-quality work that makes the best use of your organization’s time, skills and resources
  • Implementing successful projects on time and budget

Clearview Consulting helps you and your target audience reach a more meaningful understanding of your unique challenges and mutually beneficial opportunities.

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